How Isolation Birthed Community on ‘Bordeaux’

‘Bordeaux’ is what happens when you put Talented black artists in isolation

The pandemic left many creatives around the world stifled due to lockdowns and isolation. Ghanaian collective SuperJazzClub was one of those. For a group of six wildly creative musicians, producers and artists, having to stay within four concrete walls can be near torture. Community, which often fuels their creative force, became endangered. However, this didn’t stop their magic.

Obed, Ansah Live, Seyyoh, Tano Jackson, BiQo, and  Joeyturks who make up SuperJazzClub, joined forces with producer and vocalist EDWVN, singer Narah, producer and musician Tronomie and singer Muthoni – who made her singing debut – to create ‘Bordeaux’.

The 3-minute song is inspired by Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons and Volcano Choir. ‘Bordeaux’ is an electro-psychedelic sonic experience, created by the swelling vocal harmonies of ten different artists. With each artist adding a unique layer of vocal texture complemented by mellow yet haunting guitars.

 “Creating music together as a collective has always been our process. We are now forced to isolate ourselves and this may be hard on most creatives,” says SuperJazzClub. “Though we remain far apart from each other, this song is a testament that there is strength in community and through collaboration, we can get through the worse things together”.

‘Bordeaux’ employs chaotic production arrangements juxtaposed with vibrant vocal harmonies to
depict both the dark times we may often face as people and the help that may be available to us
through our communities.

Listen to ‘Bordeaux’ below: