Nanabcool invites you to the Function

NanaBCool’s ‘Function’ is a cool breeze

Nanabcool, an afro-soul artist best known for his 2019 LP Ice Tea, returns with his latest offering; the visuals for his single Function feat. Nic Hanson. Directed by Alexander McMichael and Jagger Corcione, the visuals match the laid-back vibe of the track. Even though the video is a departure from the narrative -driven video for “All I want is you”, it is still a breath of fresh air.

The video opens with a kickback scene in which Nana directly announces the track to the audience. As the song begins, there’s a transition to the next scene which gives a nod to Nana’s Ghanaian heritage. He’s dressed in traditional black and white Ghanaian cloth, surrounded by beautiful women. The women are shot in a way that allows them to stand out instead of being relegated to background roles or set pieces. Their synchronized movement really speaks to the concept of unity and acts as a reminder of the matrilineal power structure that exists within Akan culture.

The video then transitions back to the opening party scene with added focus placed on the partygoers. The artistic choice to have the partygoers lip-sync the lyrics adds a dimension of surrealism that pulls the viewer in and gives a different flavor to the typical party trope that exists in music videos. The lighting throughout this scene contributes to the surrealism as well.

The release of this video along with the other visuals he’s already dropped is setting Nana up to become a part of the conversation when it comes to afro-soul. With his unique storytelling, his creativity and dope music Nana has everything it takes to become the next afro-soul sensation.