Kay T taps Medikal and Okese1 on new single ‘Obi Ne Yem’

Kay T is in his bag in Obi Ne Ye

Ghanaian rapper Kay T is holding the fort when it comes to hip hop in Ghana. Following his single Up and Away featuring RJZ and Kirani Ayat, he delivers another spectacular single. This time, the trap heavy rap tune features Ghanaian rap kingpin Medikal and emerging artist Okese1.

‘Obi Ne Yem’ is a energetic confidence boosting anthem. It is so unapologetically braggy that you can’t help but admire.

“I consider this song as an extension of the energy I give off,” comments Kay T, “In making my music, I usually try to leave a piece of myself as much as I can.”

“Even if you can’t understand what I’m saying  I make sure you at least get THAT aura from me,” he says.

Obi Ne Yem’ is an anthem for confident,overly energetic people.

This music video was directed by KTO, Kay T’s director alias.

The video merges the modded version of NBA 2k20, bringing to life Kay T’s love for gaming. “As hyper energetic as this song is, I wanted to create a music video that would reflect that,” Kay T says,”but in a new and refreshing way“.

Watch ‘Obi Ne Yem’ below: