House Rules ft Garvie

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Garvie hits us with the perfect blend of House Music and Trap songs in House Rules for September. Read our interview with the boy (or girl) genius below as you enjoy this chill af mix.
1. Your twitter bio says you are 9 year old girl. Who are we really talking to?

Just a young Goddess trying to take down the patriarchy one banger at a time.

2. Most of your music is house music. what is the attachment there?
Really? I feel like I barely make house these days lol. Well, I started making music when I was in boarding school in Swaziland and house is really big down there, so it became the foundation for my sound I think. For the first few years, all I did was make these really long house songs (like minimum 15-20 minutes) on Reason and everyone used to laugh at me for using samples instead of making my own melodies on a keyboard or whatever.

Eventually, I started using Fruity Loops and listening to the Stones Throw catalogue (J Dilla, Madvillian, Madlib, etc) and saw the power of a well used sample. Knxwledge is a really big influence at the moment as well, my new EP is kind of a hybrid of Wun Two and his sampling styles.

3. What do you imagine people doing as they listen to this mix?
I’d like to imagine they’d be thinking, “Damn, this kid is actually wavy. So much talent for such a young lady.”

4. What’s the last thing you ate?
Steak & Caviar Sandwich with a side of golden fries. Like actual golden chips. It was mediocre at best. I should’ve just had the leftover jollof in hindsight.

5. Where are you right now? What do you see? Describe your surroundings to us.
In a dark and dirty room that my mother often tells me to clean. I tell her, “Dear Mother, the room is a metaphor for this industry. It reminds me that its a cold world outchea, ma. It keeps me woke and provides me with a unique perspective. So it would be great of you could kindly respect my creative process…”.

6. Logic or Fruity loops? and why?
Both are kinda trash to be honest (watch trap music gang come for me now lmao). I use Ableton now, its the best DAW ever made in my opinion. Actually, fruity loops isn’t half bad these days, its quite easy to use and has some great plugins. Logic is honestly just a glorified version of Garageband. I suggest that everyone tries Ableton at one point or another, it takes a bit of time to get the hang of but once you do you’ll never look back.

7. What is the last book or movie you watched that had an effect on you?

I’m reading this manga called “Goodnight Punpun” right now that’s really good. I didn’t really expect much from it, but its actually one of the best stories I’ve read in recent memory.
8. What do you open and end this mix with and why?
I started it with Amazipho by DJ Clock and ended it with my remix of happy hour. Not really sure that there was a defined reason as such, but I wanted to have a wide range of genres featured in the mix that all worked well together. Hopefully my plan worked haha.

DJ Clock – Amazipho
Evil Needle – Gleam
Yuri da Cunha –  Atchutchutcha ft Uhuru,Kadu & Dj Malvado
Oskido ft Nokwazi – Shela (Heavy k Remix)
Mobi Dixon – City Rains (Original Mix)
Zakes Bantwini – Wasting My Time (Abicah Soul Remix)
Ben Jamin – Bonita Sucia w.disfnk
Travis Scott – Antidote
The Weeknd – What You Need (Tom Wrecks Edit)
Ty Dolla $ign – Blasé ft. Future & Rae Sremmurd (Wheathin Remix)
Playboi Carti – Talk (ICYTWAT REMIX)
Kaiydo – Arcade
Amerie x CRT Music – Got Me Trippin’
Mr Eazi – SkinTight (supreme rmx)
Mr Eazi ft. Efya – Skin Tight
Odunsi The Engine – Happy Hour feat. Økuntakinte (Garvie Remix)