House Rules ft DJ Touche

Our first ever female DJ has given us the perfect mix for summer nights.


1. What’s the first thing you listen to when you wake up?                                                                   No idea if this is self-centered or not, but for the past few weeks I’ve been listening to at least one of my mixes before I move on to the vibe of the day. I keep trying to experience them as though I wasn’t the one who made them so I can tell if some of my transitions were smooth enough or not. I usually head to Soundcloud after to find new obscure music.

2. What was your mood making this mix?

 I was upset with someone at the time, I usually make the mixes when I’m not in a good mood, so I guess the mix occurred in an attempt to calm myself down. So I guess I was in a bad mood?


3. What do you imagine people doing while listening to this mix?

Relaxing – I see this as a ‘sit your ass down mix’. I don’t know if you noticed, but around 16:22 it gets a lot more upbeat, it was then that my mood changed and I was no longer upset, so hopefully it’ll have the same effect on people when they listen to it.

4. What influences your music style?

This is very difficult to answer, cause I get influenced by so much. However, I think the fact that I’m very open minded musically plays a large role in my music style. I’d also describe myself to be quite laid back, which is probably why most of my mixes reflect, but it’s hard to put myself in one place cause I can be so heavy on grime as well for instance. It’s hard to fit on one end of the spectrum.

5. Growing up who was your music inspiration?

Up until 2007 I was all for Eve, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot, Luther Vandross and the occasional boy band (Nsync and Blue). But anyone who knows me knows I’m all for T-Pain (again with the unorthodox preferences). He influenced my style of singing quite greatly as well, and you might be able to identify that when you do hear me sing (no, my voice doesn’t sound auto tuned and I still haven’t forgiven anyone who bashes on T-Pain because of it x), but like I said .

6. Describe your mix in one word.                                                                                                          BILT (But I Love It) < Have I cheated? Do I need to do this again?

7. Where do you see Ghana and Africa as a whole when it comes to music

in 3-5 years
 I see us producing music that can be appreciated outside our bubble. Wizkid has clearly been doing a madness off late. He’s managed to collaborate with international artists without giving up his natural flair. I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot more of that in the coming years.

8. As a DJ/ creator what does music make you feel?

 Makes me feel what people are unwilling to give me.

Woah deeps, but I don’t take that back lmao.