House Rules ft DJ K3V

House Rules 2 is flourishing on our Mixcloud for the month of May and we caught up with our featured Dj, DJ K3V. We threw a couple of random, but music related questions at him and …. yo, just read:

What type of mixes are your favorite to make? As in what genre?

When it comes to my mixes I try not to play just one genre…I feel like my favorite mixes are mash-up mixes, which blend together different genres, sounds and musical elements. Plus, it’s no fun listening to one genre for a whole mix…might as well just make a playlist then, lol!

Where do you DJ at?

I know some DJs might judge me for saying this but I feel like residencies stifle a DJs creative development. Playing for the same crowd in the same place over and over again becomes predictable then there’s no challenge.

That being said, I usually play at venues like Republic, Coco Lounge, Champs and random other events like Asa Baako and Chale Wote. I also have a radio show on XLiveAfrica every Saturday betweem 9pm and 12am.

Best ever crowd / experience?

In GH? That would be hard…but there was a gig I played in Chez Ntemba, a club on Long Street in Cape Town. I came on right after an artist (I won’t say who) had just finished performing and the crowd was hype! They vibed with every song I dropped and I hit every transition just right. The whole club was turnt for that hour and a half I played and I got to expose them to some dope West African/South African mash-ups
What was running through your head as you made this mix?

LOL! Truth is…the only thing I was thinking was that I have to 1) Impress these Harmattan people and 2) Out-do what eFF put up, just cos I’m competitive like that.
What do you want people to feel like when they listen to it?

want people to feel uplifted…I tried to make this the type of mix that would take you from a dull zone to “Let’s get fucked up!!”. It’s a pre-drinks type of mix so at the end you should be ready to hit the club or get the party started
  How does music make you feel ?

Music makes me feel like I can do the impossible. I do everything to a soundtrack cos music just allows me to let go of any inhibitions and barriers in my mind and get to doing what I gotta do
 Who’s your biggest influence as a DJ?

My biggest influence right now? Ermm…that’s hard, to be very honest I don’t think there’s any one individual that incluences my DJ’n. I try to listen to as many different artists/DJs/mixes/songs as possible and pick from those different creative elements for my growth

What’s playing on your music playlist right now?

Everything! Nah, I’m lying…mostly trap house remixes of Billboard tracks cos eFF and I are working on a new project. House music is almost always on my playlist though…

Annnnnnddd what’s your soundcloud and twitter?


Twirra: @DJ_K3V


Check out DJ K3V’s afro trapping, dancehallin’, hip hoping, willldiiinn”’ mix here