On the Rise: ToyBoi – Riding on a social media wave

With the digital age, well and truly upon us, and giving the music world stars born off social media frenzy like Justin Bieber, Asap Rocky, Bobby Shmurda and so on, it is heart-warming to see a few others intending to take that route around these parts.

Enter Ghana’s very own, ToyBoi, who’s been getting internet buzz from his internet videos and his Bar4Bar video series. The Osu based musician is seen to be quite versed in the use of English, Twi, Ga, Pidgin and even a bit of the London Cockney accent. Even without much material out yet, the buzz has continued to grow, if his recent performance at Serallio is anything to go by.


Obviously influenced by some grime music with his flow, it is safe to say that the Ghanaian rap scene is continuing in its style of bringing quality rappers to the scene with ToyBoi’s emergence.

His appearance on a Vodafone billboard has also caught some attention, although this may have been sometime before the whole internet buzz kicked off and him spotting his now locked hairstyle.

His recently released singles ‘Love Me’ and ‘Adoley’ as produced by Zodiac and Posigee respectively on Accra based record label, Supernova Records imprint looks to build on the buzz he has been riding on social media. On both songs, he maintains the same energy levels as seen on his video sessions, even throwing some quality punchlines to boot proving he is indeed for real. However, like the industry norm, the right push, material and consistency is the mix that can translate ToyBoi’s internet buzz to his arrival as a well-received act. Nothing more, nothing less and until then, we will be watching.

Listen to ToyBoi here: