Say Hello to Harmattan Rain on Apple Music

We are so excited to announce that Harmattan Rain has joined the list of official curator pages for Apple Music.

Africa to the world playlist


Consider this the official announcement of our new partnership with Apple Music as a curator for the streaming site.

Carefully put together by our editorial team, The Harmattan Rain curated page will highlight emerging and alternative music from across the African continent and diaspora.
Playlists include regional and genre-based ones as well as special playlists for specific occasions.

The Apple music curated page has been launched with 12 playlists in total: From the North, From the South, From the East, From the West, Francophone Connection, Africa to the World, Alte, Bar4Bar, Afroheat, Sister sounds, Afro lover and Vintage Groove.

An interesting aspect to note is that all artwork on the page is made by African artists. Genre-based playlists with a futuristic feel and trippy colours are by Nigerian artist Niyi Okeowo. The surreal collages for the regional playlists include photography from Ghanaian clothing brand Threaded Tribes.

“Each artwork is a representative of the energy of these playlists as well as the creative involved. The artwork exclaims that “This is the future of Africa’,” remarks Harmattan Rain lead, Benewaah Boateng.

from the west playlist


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Get to know our playlists on Apple Music below:

From the North
All the best selections of emerging sounds and artists to watch from Northern Africa


From the South
A selection of music from our favourite emerging Southern African musicians


From the East
East African gems on the rise to take over


From the West
Best new sounds fro the new wave of Western Africa


Francophone Connection
A playlist featuring what’s hot and who’s up next from Francophone countries.


Africa to the World
A playlist celebrating songs, features and productions of African musicians and other artists worldwide. Previous playlists of Africa in the Americas and Africa in the UK have been merged into this one-stop for all the hottest crossovers.


This playlist is a smooth selection of alternative, soul and R&B sounds of the future.

Bar 4 Bar
Bar 4 Bar is a curation of the tightest flows, hardest bars and sucker-punching lines from emerging African artists. It includes rap, hip hop and trap sounds.

Afroheat playlist is a selection of the hottest African songs that keep the clubs moving. From Lagos to Addis Ababa, Accra and Nairobi – this is the rhythm of Africa.


Sister sounds
Sister Sounds is an appreciation of the astounding women in African music.

Afro lover
African love stories filled with heartbreak, money and unfaltering promises sang over rhythmic bops and grooves.

Vintage Groove
This playlist is a curation of music heavily influenced by old school styles such as highlife and Fuji. It includes music from bands and live performances.