This is What Happens When You Put a Dzorwulo Street Vendor in the Recording Booth

“Okwe?” is what happens when Ghanaian producer Gaffacci teams up with Akwaaba Music’s DJ Bbrave  and a street vendor on an epic brand of EDM.
Okw3 is a Ga language which means, “are you watching?”  And this mix of Angolan kuduro and South African afro house has us not only watching but moving to the beat.
Okwe is powered by the voice and attitude of Gina, the friendly Dzorwulo street-vendor in front the studio this get up and jam song was made. Spontaeosly invited into the booth, she laid down the vibe to this up tempo tune … In one take!

Akwaaba Music is proud to introduce « JOWAA » to the world with its infectious first single : « Okw3? » is the first single off Akwaaba Music‘s JOWAA.

Are you watching?