Dix is Hot XX

Harmattan Rain’s Dix is Hot XX rounds up the year with selections, not only from us, but from our favorite collectives.

This year, we hooked up with Lucid Lemons and A2OMag to bring you a 30 track playlist of our favorites from the continent. Enjoy.


Lucid Lemons is a platform created to connect like-minded individuals with each other and one which conveniently brings to you a multitude of creative individuals to network with via our platform and events. It is a space that gives people the freedom to express and share their creativity. When life gives you Lemons, listen to this dope playlist 🍋🍋


Telling the visual story of African creatives, A20 Mag steps out of their visual canvas to give us the sounds that moulded their year. Listen to the pumped up playlist they created for Dix is Hot XX.



We’ve held up for the last few months on our playlists picking the best for this quarter. It’s not an accurate description of our hands, but it tells the story of different genres and cities we’ve explored this year. Thanks for digging our Sound.