Dix is Hot Volume 29

Ten Hot songs describing the sound of new Africa

Before you plug in your earphones and listen to this Dix is Hot Volume 29 playlist, you have to forget about everything you’ve ever heard about African music.

Forget that Francophone music is for waist winding, and that all East Africans is a semblance of gqom. Or that West African music is all Afrobeats.

Forget all of that, because this playlist changes that. From smooth croonings fit enough to bathe in, to rythmnic trap flows that will keep your stank face constant, Dix is Hot Volume 29 is a rewarding top ten list of songs from the motherland; proof that you can’t box Africa in.

Enjoy music from Ghana’s Ria Boss, Ivory Coast’s Imane, Kenya’s Karun, Nigeria’s Straffitti, South Africa’s DiPopaai and more.