Organic EP – Wunda B

Wunda B composes the score for 2020 for Organic EP 14

Wunda B is a music producer and film score composer based in Nigeria. He’s been making music since I was 8 years old. Born to Ghanaian and Nigerian parents, his style is heavily influenced by both cultures.

“I [would] like to describe my sound as very dark, filled with suspense,” he shared.
With a global pandemic ongoing, this Organic EP is the imaginary score for 2020: The Movie.
Each song for him captures how he’s felt since the year started, and also what’s ahead.
With an EP to look forward to by the end of this year, the beatmaker hopes this will help people understood him more when the time comes.

Listen to Wunda B’s Claro (feat. AYLO & Mojo) below: