Which Juls project are You?

Juls’ progressive play ‘happy place’ unearths a new part of his journey


Ghanaian producer and DJ, Juls, has been an instrumental force in the evolution of afropop music in West Africa and the UK. In his 5 years since creating music, he has released 4 projects including an EP, Ojekoo, two albums; Leap of Faith and Colour and his newest offering, Happy Place, a progressive play.

Happy Place is a smooth chill vibe which still draws from his mothers love for reggae, his fathers love for jazz and his own love for hip hop. With five songs featuring a plethora of artists from R&B, reggae and dancehall, South African house music and amapiano, and Ghanaian highlife and hiplife backgrounds, Happy Place will definitely take you beyond the physical.

But before you take your journey, relieve Juls’ journey to his Happy Place with this fun quiz.

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