In conversation with Kiddblack 

We caught up with Kiddblack and talked about Music and Ninja Gaiden, his most recent project. Here’s our first Kickback interview : 

1. Who did you grow up listening to? 

Ja Rule, Ashanti, Destiny’s Child. Not by choice, but because that was what sister would play, and she was the only person around me that was into that kind of music. I also listened to a lot of Don Williams, because my mother loved country music. Later on in life, I found Lil Wayne, and he was like my first favorite rapper, and the first rapper I studied. 
2. How has that sound influenced your music?

I think my music is unrestrained and naked, I think I got that from Wayne. I revisited Don Williams’ music when I got older. He’s who I wanna be like with regard to writing lyrics. He’s like the ultimate lyricist to me. It’s simple, yet elaborate, and easy to digest. 
3. Who are you listening to now? 

Jay-Z, J.Cole, B.I.G, Drake, Dom Kennedy, Richie Valens, Don Williams, Chiddy Bang, The Carpenters, Ella Fitzgerald. 


4. What’s the story behind the skit from What’s her face?

I was going through a rough time in my relationship, and I just thought I should make a song about it. I wanted to make a love song without the melodies and the corny lyrics, just raps from an honest place. 

5. What inspired Ninja Gaiden? 

Wanting to be great, and wanting to let go of things. A lot of the music is personal; I rapped about sharing a bottle of Savannah Dry with my friend in a club one time because we were broke, I rapped about a girl I love then put a lotta voice notes of her at the end of it so people could feel me, I rapped about my father failing at being a father. Those things inspired Ninja Gaiden. 


6. What was your creative process like making it ? 

Writing it was just me at home in my couch. Producing it was me and a bunch of my friends. There wasn’t a lotta music written and recorded for Ninja Gaiden, there’s only like 2 songs that didn’t make the final cut. It was a long process too; more than half of the songs were written over a year before they were recorded and released.

7.What is your favourite track off Ninja Gaiden ?

Best Guys because It’s a perfect record.

8. What is your relationship with Tokyo? 

Best friends

9. Describe your fashion sense.

White boy-ish: Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, vans, chucks. I keep a pair of timbs for when I want to look hip-hop, but that hasn’t happened in a while.

10. Would you rather be a van gogh or a Basquiat? 

A Van Gogh
Listen to Ninja Gaiden here: