House Rules ft DJ Big Stan

Almost always concerned with making sure everyone around him is filled with good vibes and endless positive energy, La Meme Gang’s official DJ, Joel Stanley Achiampong, popularly known within the circles of Ghanaian entertainment industry as ‘DJ Big Stan’ is the man you want with the aux at any party (if you want have a great night out with friends). It is actually quite surprising and frankly difficult to comprehend how he combines both studying Politics & International Relations at Lancaster University Ghana during the day with making sure everyone has a turnt night, with him being a beast behind the turntables.

DJ Big Stan


His mission is simple. He was born to spread positive energy and good music, and he does this by both DJ’ing and MCeeing at a wide range of social events. As it stands today, he could be described as one of the best DJ’s in Ghana as he’s constantly booked for different shows, he has a huge following on social media and receives loads of appreciation and love from his extensive fan base. He can also boast any day of having a very active SoundCloud account with the most intensive mixes and songs and I agree.

His love for good music put him on this path because he openly confesses that he can’t live without music and that’s what keeps him ticking. In the next few years, DJ Big Stan wants to keep making dope mixes, create timeless music and help millennials nurture their creative tendencies and changing the entertainment system.


Where are you right now? Describe your surrounds. What do you see? What do you hear?

I’m home right now. I can see my beautiful home and  around me, there’s a lot of vegetation. I’m also listening to music & hearing my dog bark .sighs. I’m smelling “Burberry, Weekend”.

If you could name this mix, what would you call it?

Deep It II.

What do you imagine people doing as they listen to this mix?

Bopping their heads & singing along.

You’re a food at a wedding party. What food are you and why?

Jollof rice (Ghana jollof obviously), why because I can literally eat it 24/7 365 days. My absolute favourite.

Describe YOURSELF with a line from a song.

“I know I’m a bad boy , I no get work” (Damn – Omah Lay).

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmmm, this question looks a bit difficult but I’d probably say currently it would be (Bad Influence – Omah Lay).

You wake in the last movie you watched as one of the characters. What movie is it, and what which character are you?

The Old Guard . And I’m definitely that team leader! (Andy).

You meet 3 millionaires and they want to have a party. Who are they, and what are you playing them first?

tbh I don’t know much about millionaires , so I don’t have names off head but I’m definitely playing Penalty by Small Doctor.

Track List.

Big Conspiracy – J Hus ft Icee tgm
Sekkle Down – Burna Boy ft J Hus
Reckless – J Hus
Fine Wine – Yxng Bane ft Kojo Funds
Checks – Kojo Funds ft Raye
Rihanna – Yxng Bane
Must Be – J Hus
Jumanji – B Young
Juice and Power – Afro B ft Yxng Bane
Fortune Teller – J Hus
I Like It – Kojo Funds ft Wizkid
Hangova – Muiz
Want From Me – J Hus
Warning – Kojo Funds
Dem Boy Paigon – J Hus
Linguo – Giggs ft Donae’o
Lock Doh – Tinne Tempah
Chalice – Donae’o ft Belly
Friendly – J Hus
OT Bop – NSG
Energy – Skepta ft Wizkid
Bust Brain – Major P
You Alright – Don E ft Nado
Dun Talking – Kojo Funds ft Abra cadabra
No Words – Dave ft Mo Stack
Cucumber – J Hus
Vroom – Yxng Bane


Follow DJ Big Stan’s journey on SoundCloud.