House Rules ft ANDRO̲ID18.

Uncover the colourful sonic spectrum curated by ANDRO̲ID18. on House Rules

Image result for ANDRD18This month’s House Rules takes us all the way down south to the colourful sound spectrum of ANDRO̲ID18. AKA Simoné Tilly. The eclectic Johannesburg based DJ delivers a smooth, yet spicy mix of future bass, RnB and pop for your aural pleasure.

Read all about her as you delve into the mix below:


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings. What do you see? What do you hear? What can you smell?

I’m in my room, laying on some floral bedding with my laptop, i see candles, a few notes, postcards, and a fruit salad. Got some music playing in the background.

I hear the silence echoing (it’s almost midnight) and a few voices from outside.


If you could name this mix, what would you call it?

“breakfast deluxe” / “sunset in Maboneng”


What do you imagine people doing as they listen to this mix?

Chilling. Eating. Drinking. Vibing out with their friends, or maybe a road trip?


You’re a food at a wedding party. What food are you and why?


it’s basically a Xhosa dish made with samp and beans

– why? it’s filling, tasty and always brings people together (:


What song is guaranteed to make you happy no matter your mood?

A weird flex but Peggy Gou – Itgehane (It Makes You Forget) , on repeat!


If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb Stop Stå


You wake in the last movie you watched as one of the character What movie is it, and what which character are you?

Movie: Syrup

Character: 6, and yes her name is 6 lol!


You meet 3 African musicians and they want to have a party. Who are they, and what are you playing them first?

Hmm, Gina Jeanz, Petite Noir and Sampa The Great. ‐ anything by Black Coffee is always a mood


Describe how you want your 2019 to sound like, and why.

Something like Kaytranada ‐ 99.9% ‐ it’s a fun album, and i love the funk music elements to it ‐ for a chilled sunny day and a night out in town, it just puts you in a mood either way (: