With rumours of soundcloud shutting down, here are a few alternatives to the much loved music streaming site.

Where will music live if Soundcloud Dies?

A couple of weeks ago we had word that Soundcloud has less that 50 days to stay alive. While Uncle Chano from the West Side may have tried to save us, we never truly honestly really know if our lives as artists and rappers are in danger.

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Especially for those of us in Africa, an alternative to Soundcloud is very much needed. Access to paying streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify is difficult for Africans because first of, access to fast internet for streaming and data is a bit iffy and  4 dollars is kinda a lot in Nairas for struggling artists! Plus Spotify isn’t even available in this part of the world … smh. So we compiled a few channels we could move our stuff to, if Soundcloud DOES die.

  1. AudioMack: Brethren, audiomack been in the system for time. And per tweets after the Soundcloud wahala, their really FOR the artists and not the money. So sign up, put on your stuff for zero to no charges and get crack-a – lacking. The interface is pretty clean and easy to use, but finding songs can be hard… because of the wide variety of act

2. Bandcamp: Bandcamp not only allows people to listen to your music but you get some cash too. You can make your music free, or available for download for as little as a dollar per song. It’s really up to you. It leans a bit more towards alternative and rock musicians, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind having a few friends. Oh yh, and it offers, statistics so you can find see your growth and all that jazz.


3. YouTube: YouTube is just not for high def music videos and tutorials, you can also upload your audio sounds on there. You also get the chance to create and share playlists. It has one of the largest entertainment communities as well, so it’s certified you’re reaching a target.

4. AfTown: AfTown is the newest one in Africa, and based in Ghana, and the only Black owned outlet listed here (SO SUPPORT!) It pretty much acts like Apple Music. It’s an online store with a wide catalogue of African music. And an artist can sell their songs or projects for as much as 3 dollars (15 cedis) and as little 0.1 Cents (0.50p).

5. Mixcloud: Mixcloud is perfect for sharing mixes and podcasts. It’s great for tracking growth and has pretty awesome stats feature. You get to build your own profiles and grow a following who can listen to and share your sound. Plus, it gives you an option to put in your tracklist easily, that’s why we’d recommend Mixcloud for DJ’s and not really for musicians.

These are all pretty cool alternatives to Soundcloud, although not the same. Till we actually know our fate, the best we can do is BACK  UP all our music, and hope and pray for the best.