House Rules ft Unison

The coolest squad to ever hit Soundcloud, signs off on our last House Rules for 2016. In between making this cool mix, the trio talks their first introduction to music and their favourite reads. Connecting with music from across the world, here’s Unison with House Rules.


Where are you? Describe your surroundings to us.

Lloyd: In my room. Pretty empty, no artwork on the wall, hoarding cups on my side table. Excel sheets from work that i should be working currently staring at me from my monitor.

Andrea: Sitting room in Ghana, it’s dark and there are christmas hampers lying around lol

Shawn: On my bed, just move here from my desk. Should be studying but I’m procrastinating with this. Ghana flag by the door, adinkra symbols above the bed, Ghanaian paintings on each side of the window


What do you start and end the mix with?

Started with JLL’s remix of Bob Marley’s “Jamming”. Ended with HXNS’ remix of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”


What was going through your head as you were making this mix?

First of how cool it was to be making a mix for Harmattan rain. Secondly focusing on making a tight arrangement of songs that touched a variety of genres and tempos.


What do you imagine people doing as they listen to this?

Driving/sitting in a car on their way home; like a soundtrack to the end of your day. Could also be great music to work/study/edit along to. Pretty multipurpose.


How did you meet?

We went to the same high school. Unison started years later when we noticed that the three of us lived on soundcloud. Thought we might as well.


Tell us your earliest memory with music.

Playing the cowbell during cultural dance troupe performances in primary school.

Hearing the radio station Z100 playing from my sisters’ room.

Learning how to play the piano at 7. The more important question is, what is radio station Z100?


What’s the last book you read and how has it influenced you?

Susan Nieman’s “Evil in Modern Thought”. No influence per se, just additional perspectives on how the phenomenon of Evil has been dealt with philosophically overtime.

The last book I finished (lol) was Scary Close by Donald Miller. It’s pretty good; helped me understand how family, insecurities, and childhood experiences shape our ability to be vulnerable in all kinds of relationships.

John LeFevre’s “Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and Billion-Dollar Deals”. It’s really just a fun read. Don’t think it has had any real influence. Its a peek into the lifestyle of Wall Street bankers and general banking culture pre-2008 Financial Crisis told through one guy’s stories.



1. Jammin With You – JLL x deDunamis

2. Somebody – CIG.MARGOT

3. Nothing More – Dpat & Atu

4. Skin Tight (Trap Rmx) – Nxwrth

5. Adore (Remix) – Fortune

6. Keep The Faith (Faithful Extended Remix) – DVSN

7. Odo Nwom – Kofi Nti feat Ofori Amponsah

8. Oops (Sharp) – Djsharpsound

9. Return of The Mack – Krs.

10. All of You – Krs. X Roy Woods

11. Stop Stalling – Kwamz & Flava

12. Uno Dance – Yung Anh

13. Show Me What You – J.Robb

14. Crazy – HXNS

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