Boarding Pass with David Nicole Sey

David Nicol-Sey has forged out his name when it comes to creative video storytellers in Ghana. Founding North Productions and creatively directing it for the past 6 years has given David the chance to work with artists like Sarkodie, Ric Hassani, Edem and Dee Moneey, as well as for global brands including MTN, MTV and Guinness.

Enjoy the pick of his top 10 favorite tracks right now, as we dive into his art, creating with artists and the  best cameras to use.

David nicole sey

How did you get into videography and why did you go into making music videos?

I have always had an eye for fine arts , I use to draw a lot in my childhood years . Erm , and  Growing up I’ve had the opportunity to be in the midst of creative minds which really developed my interest in film making and music videos been just one part of the entire journey .

How do you know what to capture? What goes into creating the story for music

Basically the chemistry between the artist, the song and myself inspires the concept, and what should  be captured. The artist should really understand what inspired him to make such a piece and he or she should be able to channel that vibe through the music to me.

As you see it, what qualities does a good videographer possess?

Attention to detail, precision, uniqueness, ability to create something out of nothing.

You recently shot for B4Bonah and King Promise, how was the experience like shooting for these new artists?

It was an amazing experience because they trusted my team and I  to have absolute Creative control .

How do you see the future in relation to new artists and their style or tone of creativity

I’m predicting wonderful things for the creative arts as a whole. I believe our generation has grown to understand the whole essence of being unique, and as a result we have new genres with regards to music being introduced in the process

What’s the best video you’ve ever done

‘Overdose’ by Sarkodie.


If you could shoot any music video for any artist in the world, who would it be? Past, present or future.

Would love to work with Kanye west or Kendrick Lamar.


How have you evolved as an artist from your first days at this craft?

I still consider myself work in progress

Your camera of choice, and why?

Arri Mini , because it has great colour science over the other brands .

What’s the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?

‘Finish line’ by Dee Money


You can play only one song for the rest of your life, what song are you playing?

Quinn XCII – Fake Denim

What is your favourite saying or mantra?

My mantra has always been to have zero regrets in life. Everything I do at one speed, I go all-out

What’s the best thing about being Ghanaian?

Getting to eat waakye as and when I choose

What are you working on right now?

A television commercial for Kasapreko


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