Unapologetically Brazy: An interview with the rising Alté star

If you’re into discovering fresh, new voices in the underground music scene, then you’re going to want to keep an eye on Brazy, a rising star in the Alté scene straight out of Nigeria. She popped onto our radar, thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, and we believe she has the potential to be a breakout star amongst Gen Z listeners. 

Last year, the London-based artist unleashed “Attends” onto the world, a single that’s been flooding concert speakers and party playlists alike. She can be heard effortlessly flowing over distorted basslines and synth-heavy beats, showcasing her undeniable talent and multilingual prowess – rhyming in English, French, Mandarin and Yoruba.

When asked about her inspiration for blending these languages, Brazy flashed a smile and said, “I studied Mandarin from the ages of 11 to 18, and I loved it.”  In fact, her love for the language was so intense that she spent the first three months of this year living in Taiwan, fully immersing herself in the culture and studying it at a university in Taipei. 

As a result of this, she took an unexpected hiatus from releasing music in the last few months. Brazy believes that making music should come naturally and organically, without any self-imposed or external pressures. “I can have a whole year where I don’t record a song, and that’s fine. I have other things that I’m doing so I don’t feel idle or bored”, she shares. In a world that often values productivity and output above all else, Brazy’s approach to creativity is refreshing and inspiring. 


We spoke some more about her process, inspirations and future plans:

HR: You released a lot of incredible music in 2021 and graced us with many bangers. In 2022, you gave us a select few. Was this decrease in releases a conscious decision or something that happened naturally?

BRAZY: It’s definitely something that naturally happened. In 2021, I was in my second year of uni, and because the world was still going through covid, I had a lot of time. 2022 was the year I graduated. I studied biomedical engineering so there was a lot going on. And after I graduated, I spent time recovering [laughter].

HR: Who are some of your influences and artists you like to listen to?

BRAZY: With music, I go through lots of phases and dive into different worlds. Right now, I’ve been listening to “Gqom”, which is basically South African house music. It has a lot of women who are being really loud on beats, and I really love that. In terms of influences, I’m inspired by any woman that’s unapologetic and who is authentically herself. The way I feel when I listen to their songs is what I take and try to create in my own unique way.

HR: You seem very pro-woman and like women empower you. Who’s a woman in the industry that you look up to?

BRAZY: My favourite artists are women who are doing their thing in their own sector, doing boss shit and making beats that people don’t listen to. I love Sho Madjozi – she’s in the SA scene; Moonchild Sanelly and Niniola as well, who’s in Lagos. I have a lot of friends that are artists as well like L0LA, T6lu, ytboutthataction and Baby Rix.

Many times, women are expected to censor themselves, and are told there is a certain way to behave and speak to be “lady-like”. When asked about how she finds the confidence to boldly express herself in her songs, without censorship, she gives credit to her mother and five aunts. “They’re all so different and hot in their own way. Being around them has been so inspiring because I realized you can be whatever you want and look however you want and it’s going to radiate. Their confidence is everything,” she explains.

Her friends also play a significant role in her life, all being bold and confident as well, inspiring her to be her best self. “People around me all exude that kind of energy, so I’ve just grown up being confident in myself, knowing who I am and what I bring to the table.” It’s important to her that she shares that energy with others through her music and empowers those who may not have such a supportive community.

“They’re all so different and hot in their own way. Being around them has been so inspiring because I realized you can be whatever you want and look however you want and it’s going to radiate. Their confidence is everything”

HR: Speaking of different artists, Santi’s been getting a lot of looks in the industry. What was it like collaborating with him on ‘MATILDA’ and being on his album in general? 

BRAZY: Before Santi reached out to collaborate, he was already my favourite artist in the world. I was banging out his music all the time. One of my friends who makes beats would ask us [me, L0LA and Baby Rix] to test out her beats to see if they were good for rapping. We would make songs for fun, and she ended up putting one of those out. I think that’s where Santi heard my voice, and he reached out to me. He said he loved my voice and had something he thinks I’d sound crazy on. That’s pretty much how it started, and now we’re good friends.


HR: What is your process like for finding beats, and do you work with the same producer?

BRAZY: I have a lot of producer friends. I sit in with them on sessions and we collaborate by mixing my sound with theirs. I don’t just take beats from anyone just because they have a big name. If I do end up working with a producer I don’t know, we usually spend the first hour chatting and getting to know each other so that the music can sound more organic.

HR: If you were to describe your music as a car, time and location – what would it be?

BRAZY: The car would have a tan interior and blacked-out windows. It would look sexy from the outside. For a time, I’d say it’s what’s happening right now with a futuristic edge to it, so I’d say tomorrow. Location-wise – I’d say Taiwan. There are so many beautiful places, and the country is full of culture. So, overall I’d describe my sound as that – something that is sexy, fresh and new. Something you didn’t expect but that’s hot.

HR: Any exciting things we can expect from you this year?

Brazy: I have plans I’m going to manifest on this platform [laughter]. I manifest an EP and some cool visuals and I’m definitely planning on releasing the song I’ve been teasing on Twitter and Tiktok.

Brazy is definitely making waves as one of the most exciting female rappers out there, and it’s easy to see why. With her magnetic aura and unapologetic passion for staying true to herself, it’s impossible not to see a bright future ahead for her.

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