Abantu+ is making space for musicpreneurs in Accra.

Abantu+ is creating the perfect co-working space for music creators.

In the peak of entrepreneur-ism, co-working spaces became a big thing. Providing a space, internet access and endless coffee supply to a number of dreamers and builders, some of these spaces became hubs for tech and entrepreneurs.
However, none of these were spaces for musicpreneurs or creators.
Producers, DJs, musicians and other creators who did not have enough to go to the studio, had to teach themselves in their rooms.
Abantu+ has solved that.
The Accra based music hub creates a space for music creatives to make music, learn and connect…. Just like tech and entrepreneurial hubs.
Created by musicians Eli a Free and Betina Quest, Abantu is a safe haven for music exploration.

abantu+ betina quest

Betina Quest

abantu+ Eli A Free

Eli A Free

Abantu+ (Abantuplusiam on Socials) is as much a philosophy as it is a community. The space gets its name from the Burundi word for people; ‘Abuntu’. The ‘+’ refers to the added uniqueness shared between creatives and individuals. ‘ I am’ is derived from the phrase “I am because we are”, expounding on the communal nature of this group.

Simply, Abantu+ offers a space for creatives to plug and play with a fitted studio. Its periodical events creates an avenue for music creatives to share and commune. While, its workshops, custom lessons and private lessons, equip and educate.

What this investment shows, is the birth of musicpreneurs in the country and region.
Music is quickly being viewed as a viable business in Ghana. With tastemakers taking responsibility where stakeholders and government have seemingly failed, the narrative is changing.

The birth of a hub like Abantu+ shows a growth in music development and community. A step in the right direction.

Find out more about Abantu+: https://www.abantuplus.org/