The beauty of music is such that when you feel it, You feel it in your depths. That’s why it’s called the BEAUTY of music. And what’s even more beautiful is when some one recognises that music is an art and channels it that way. I think that’s what you get when you mix an artiste and a musician into one beautiful cocktail that is Okuntakinte. 

I chanced on SUMMER OF X, and it blew my mind! 

First of all, this is Ghanaian. And I love the bold step into that undiscovered part of Ghanaian music. I get a very Raury-like vibe from Okuntakinte’s Summer of X and I love every single bit of it. I want to die in its vibrations and resurrect in its resonance. 

Perhaps it’s the whole vintage-art-tumblr style that’s taking Ghanaian youth by some mini storm, but I absolutely love when people actually understand the art of it, and portray it perfectly. 

Okuntakinte has the whole idea down pat. He’s living it. And his music is too lit! 

Prince Dovlo handles this artsy music thing well by allowing the artiste himself to flow through. I mean, he did a pretty good job letting Pappy Kojo’s unique artsy self flow through in the Realer No video. 
I’m just excited at the sound of new music that is Okuntakinte and I can’t wait to hear more from him. He’s definitely got a new fan in me. 


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