It’s all heat in the Rapid Fire video

Santi just released Rapid Fire video, and its all sorts of flames


When Santi said “Send a Prayer” in his promo pictures for Rapid Fire, we didn’t think the prayer was for ourselves was for us.

The video  is like a song of fire and ice. Shane Eagle’s cool composure, combined with the rugged, uncapped testosterone of Santi and his crew, makes this a perfect documentation of the flame of passion.

When Amaarae, voice ever so alluring and flocked by gorgeous women, it’s Santi’s eyes, mesmerized by her voice, that makes the video even more enchanting.

“Rapid Fire” captures the fire alive in the youth of Africa, regardless of their location; whether West or South.

And it highlights their single cause; The pursuit of the passion.

Watch Rapid Fire in the link below: