Video: Ay3 late by Pappy Kojo ft Sarkodie 

I just watched the video for Pappy Kojo’s Banger Ay3 Late with Sarkodie and I don’t have a lot to write. I usually have a ton and half to say about amazing artists such as Sarkodie and Pappy Kojo. And the works of great directors like Nana Kwasi Asihene but I am blank. 

And I know why. It’s not interesting enough. 
The video tells the typical story of “boy likes girl. Girl doesn’t like boy. Boy blows up, becomes famous and has money. Girl likes boy now. But boy has new hotter girl”. 
Typical story. Told, of course, under the great production of NKACC atelier. 
I was thrown off with the hand gestures rappers in Ghana have adopted nowadays to be the new cool. I don’t know exactly why but everyone does it in their videos. The fingers pointing and twisting in someway as the head bobs left and right. Similar to the Sark dance without the jumping and in slow motion of course. 
Pappy Kojo’s definite Tumblresque style of simplicity and subtle colours is seen in this video. With profile shots to show his oh so beautiful body and distinct fashion sense that’s influencing so many young people in Ghana. 
His love for Michael Jackson is also evident with a portrait of the King of Pop propped by the bed in the scene where he was shirtless. Yes ladies! Pappy was Shirtless!!!!  
Quite frankly I had to remind myself to breath when they zoomed in on those eyes, and those lips, and his face with his dreads cascading over the White sheets. 
Pappy Kojo is gorgeous undoubtedly, but i don’t think it did justice to the video. 
In my opinion, I think the old girl as way prettier than the new girl. But that’s just me. 
What do you think? 
Ay3 Late video Ay3 late


  • DD.

    I think you’re an amazing writer.
    Just saying.
    I mean, I paid attention to the content–I could probably recite some off it off the bat–but your style’s what got me. Nothing over the top. ‘Tumblresque,’ even–to borrow your word–you know, subtle and classy at the same time. Nice.
    Oh, and I haven’t watched the vid, but written like that, everything you said is true. Quote me. 🙂

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