The World Trade Center in Accra was on fire. Not literal, but close to it. With the convergence of Ghana’s hip hop super powers and their die hard fans to celebrate Hip hop and EL’s BAR 2 concert, there was undoubtedly a pure unadulterated heat that pulsed through the building. With sponsorship from Guinness Ghana and TiGo Music, EL’s BAR (that’s BEST AFRICAN RAPPER) 2 concert was close to lit! Back to back performances from sidekick rappers and superheroes alike, the World Trade Center looked like the Ghanaian hip hop version of COMICON. Never seen any group of people so connected by a particular thing before,

I say “close to lit” because perhaps the performances were a blessing and a curse. There was long successions of boredom with short intervals of absolute jamming! The underground artistes were just too many, and if you were an artiste who didn’t have energy or a following, best believe you were damping down the show.

  The sound was also pretty bad, most likely due to the concrete enclosed nature of the place (thanks to @s_tage on Twitter for this education). I mean, EL, we appreciate that you’re trying to push hip hop and help underground acts,but dig this, if Justice League had EVERY superhero in it, it wouldn’t exactly be THE justice league now, would it? if all the elves were highlighted in Lord of the Rings, then Legolas wouldn’t be necessary in the story line, now would he?  Not withstanding, minor superheroes  and the elves are relevant to fighting the dark side but well… yeah, please get the picture.

Even with this, some artistes managed to kill! Shaolin Monfon and Kiddblack absolutley slayed in my opinionl. And I’m not even being biased towards Kidd because I want to smother him in Coconut oil (I swear it’s not sexual… it’s more mothering if anything… Oedipus syndrome still exists though…. whatever). The Kidd is good! Him on BAR 2 Mixtape was beyond amazing. Him on stage was more incredible. Hes like an afro covered ball of energy that just spews bars. Speaking of ball of Energy; SHAOLIN MONFON! Those guys vomit some deep hot lava! Their energy is crazy. They made me feel like hopping on stage and doing press ups with the team.

And of course, FOKN boys FOK’d the place up!!! Their vibe is crazy! undoubtedly a crowd favourite! The young ones definately have a thing or two to learn about this fantastic duo.  



DJ Mic Smith on the turn tables… I’m not sure if it was a good idea. I was mixed feeling about him. Apparently he’s prettty good about what he does, but I definately did not get that vibe. First of, it’s a Hip hop show! I understand Beyoncé’s 7/11 is vibely, but don’t do this to hard guys! He killed my vibe multiple times… tried to even get me in my feelings but… I’ll give your man the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it was a bad night.It was CRAZY CHALEEE when EL mounted the stage. Lean, Tall, glass of muscles of bars and bars got the guys roaring and the girls screaming out of pure ecstasy. Forget roof raising, I’m sure the sound barriers were broken at some point in time. It got crazier when Pappy Kojo and Joey B came on. Pappy on a hover skateboard, his locs flowing behind his back as he looked liked some ethereal being, hovering above us lame Homo sapiens. Joey in some classic Adidas’ and muscles. I died and went to heaven briefly as All Black rang through my ear drums. The New Lords definately killed.   

  I left after that performance. I was done. My body couldn’t take anymore of this goodness…. But from reports, the new Lords set the place ablaze, and left the charred remains for VVIP to jam with. 

The BAR 2 concert was pretty great but BAR 1 last year was triller than a Mikey on Thriller beat (someone sign me please! Get me a manager!) 

Same thoughts on both mixtapes. BAR 1> BAR 2. 

But EL and BBNZ is IT right now! And I’d like to see any another team beat that! 
Photo credit: @tigonusic @BBNZlive

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