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Reckless tweeting and social media campaigns and promotions have taken a double step in the race of music promotion. In addition to “Link drops in 5mins”, “check out my mixtape, link in bio” and “listen to my 🔥🔥🔥 mixtape ” artists have taken to other social media promotional antics (and others just mere rants) make their music stand in the lime light.

I really didn’t want to, but top of the list is Okuntakinte from Meister Music camp. Dropping 1000 Cedis for a fire selfie on Instagram and twitter definitely got him the attention he wanted for himself and his music. This wouldn’t be the first time this sort of antic would have been used by a Meister Music artist. Mr Eazi offered 1000 Cedis for a dance video on IG after the release of Skin tight as promo. You didn’t know about that did you? Well, same play by play, same team, different results. Now, Mr Eazi is offering an all expense paid trip to Dubai for one girl for Shito video shoot. Yo! I don’t know what these boys have up their sleeve but the money is definitely not a problem.
Social media has become increasingly popular among many people and is fast becoming a way of sharing news and information and keeping up with times. It’s also a great Avenue for easy and cheap advertising.
An artist’s portrayal of himself or herself on social media could or could not be in his or her own interest.
Kanye West has been on a twitter rave before the release of TLOP and after. We all thought it was promotional before, but he’s still on a turf. But that isn’t affecting him any way because this is KANYE WEST. Azalea Banks has been on a rant for days on black empowerment in music industry but her album sales aren’t skyrocketing. We all know Azalea, but do we know her music? Would we purchase her music?
I think that is the ultimate goal any musician or artists should aspire to: to sell your music. There’s no point being popular on social media and having nothing in your music sales to show for it.
Okuntakinte has become popular on Twitter, suffering at the hand of trolls and the like but if his Twitter popularity isn’t raking in music sales, endorsements deals and the rest it is merely that, twitter popularity… (Which we all know isn’t really real anyway…. or?).
The ideal is to channel that popularity into actual numbers; make music sales, build a fan base, get interviews and the like to make you popular even off social media, get endorsements deals… Make money of your twitter.
“Instagram models” are raking in money for simply posting a picture of slim tea, how are you not landing shows and making money off your music?
Artists need to channel their social media from just another outlet for interaction to a business outlet… Else they’ll end up being another person with “for bookings…” lining their bio.
A few tips and tricks (with a few references)
* Stop tweeting just the links to your music. It makes your account impersonal, people don’t like that. Your tweets should be a mixture of your music and your interests (Blitz the Ambassador is a great reference)
*Participate in discussions. Establish your views. But remember, not in a way that will jeopardize your art. (Manifest, Wanlov and Mensa are great musicians at this)
*Follow your fans back and be interactive. Makes them like you more and feel a closeness. (Mr Eazi and EL score here)
 *Post pictures or videos… People like seeing more than reading
* Post other people’s music or laud them. It helps other people discover you too. It could even be covers of your songs or a song you like. (Sarkodie and Mr Eazi are good at this)
*Be abreast with the times, even when you’re not putting out new music make covers of currently popular music, freestyle about current situations. Stay relevant. ( although it went south, Okuntakinte understands this)
*Remember, you are not your own man. You are a brand, one under construction at that. What you post on social media defines your brand.
*** all artists mentioned are in reference to their twitter handles ***

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