Road to Renascentia

Let’s take a trip, guys.

A 30-minute experience of eight transits, eight bus rides and eight variations of musical brilliance. It’s a half hour experience of lush production, trippy beats and raw yet comfortable lyrics akin to the works of Marvin Gaye in the early ’60s or Trey Songz in the 10s of this millennium.

“Represent Nigeria

Yeah you know the capital.

This shit is phenomenal.”

A little over 40 seconds into the EP, Tay Iwar proclaims a strong affection for his native land. We beg to differ if you think that was overly gratuitous. I mean, which better way to start a project than shoutout your motherland?


On the second song, Fores (E) Tay sings;

“Hypnotise you for life

I’ll leave it all inside.”

As far as being daring is considered a topic, this is probably the most daring song. With its climax references and literally dazing lyrics, it sets the scene for a late night rendezvous with your couch covers. To reiterate, the earlier comment, Mr. Iwar later comes in with the hook;

“I’ll make it rain all over your face

Baby girl know your place”

Assess it any way you please.

Most projects these days – either EP or album, hardly do without summer jingles. On this tape, that necessary coco bongo feeling is experienced on the fifth transit and fifth bus ride to Elysium Paradise. Funny enough, this delight has the album’s only feature with Tay’s brother Sute.

“Should’ve let me know by now

Are you with it?

Are you down oh?

I’m heading for the top right now.”

These are the bold declarations made by Tay Iwar on the song, Optimum Essé. From the background, you might argue that it’s the general motto for every underground artist. But think about it. How did all your superstars reach their respective heights of stardom? I’ll go ahead and answer – self-belief. Along with frequent conversations with the man in the mirror and declarations such as this.

After numerous listens, a general consensus was arrived at. It was that – the sound, lyrical content and delivery on tracks 6 and 7, Equestrian Love (E) and Trust Me, are illustrious of a certain Frank Ocean back in 2012. As to where he is now and what he’s about, no one truly knows. But that’s a topic for a later date.


With his latest project, Renascentia, it’s safe to say that in the African diaspora, Tay Iwar is a pioneer of the modern neo-R&B similar to the sound the likes of Bryson Tiller and Amir Obe have coined individually.

Come summer ‘16, whoever mans the AUX cord in your ride, has to be in tune with the times and by that, in tune with this project in particular. In no way is Renascentia a mere summer singalong. In our opinion, it stands the chance of making our top African music projects of the year.

Here’s Renascentia by Tay Iwar

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Written by,

Lael Dwumah (@kwabb_)

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