Original Vs Afrobeat.

By Adedayo Laketu

In my life I’ve met a lot of African kids who want to make music, but they never do it or even try to do it, because they feel “it doesn’t sound African”or “it doesn’t have any Afro feel”.
Inasmuch as Afro-beats is born out of our heritage, the idea of marginalizing ourselves to one sound is the reason why African music hasn’t been able to reach its full potential.

It’s the idea thats in place, not the people. The problem arises from where we are coming from. There’s this value in tradition. It’s a feeling of wanting to stay close to what you know, because it’s the only way you’ve learnt to go forward, but without change, we cannot truly conquer the world.

Don’t get me wrong; I know it’s beautiful, our sound.  It’s finally showing signs of the beauty of music, which is to create, to express, and to navigate human emotions and perceptions.Sometimes, our music is simply about  the story behind our history.

But we can do more, is all I’m saying.
A common ideology that binds the new age artists is that they are being trapped by history.
Have you ever heard, “I can’t sell this sound. People can’t dance to it.”, “No body will understand what I’m saying.”?

We created our music to celebrate our gods and our people, but that was when life was still stuck in an old age where we couldn’t tweet, couldn’t f*cking call. It was a long time ago.

Now music isn’t “them”; it’s “us”.

We should create according to what we feel. Africa is a gift to humanity because, “WE CAN BE ANYTHING.”

Anywhere we go, we are the blackest echo of beauty to humanity’s wrong! Think about it. Don’t be trapped by one box.

Afrobeat is life but there’s more we can offer. F8ck Afrobeat or trap! What is our own sound?

I’ve called it the “new age“, it’s a genre that the world will accept because its essence is founded on our ability to “BE ANYTHING”. That’s music, look how far we’ve gone with just one sound.
Let’s unleash what they have, stop marginalising them someway some how.
There’s too much pain.
The new age isn’t about making the most conscious music or making the grooviest sound. It’s about making a new sound no one has heard of, it’s about creating a new sound no one has heard, and Branding it African, because you are African.
I don’t have to carry my flag all the time.
I can be me and be happy and my nation will accept it.
To the ones who still feel boxed  this is freedom. Freedom for the new age to come forth with their voice and be bold to talk about what they feel.

The youth are conscious now, they know.
I’m tired of not hearing what the new age can be cause they feel it won’t be accepted by the “Afro kings”.
I might be wrong, the people might be more accepting. The revolution is here, but let’s water its growth and not be weeds.
Constant push of our new sound will carry us to where we need to be, where we can create something that we don’t need Grammies to approve how great our sound is.
Black Americans are there now, Africa in general is there now.
The new age is a golden one across all mediums, we should just be more accepting.
Yes, some changes should be cut down, but thus far we are heading in a beautiful direction.
Listen to the details of their voice, the story, the attitude, the perspective of what they represent. The new age is beautiful.

If you noticed everyone is coming back to our sound because the world is listening to us now.

I’m really proud to be born in this era, this where the magic will be born and accepted.

Adedayo Laketu is the co-founder/creative inventor of Baroque Age,
an innovative, conscious reality company based in Nigeria.
The 22 year old believes in the power of the youth
and stays constantly motivating.
He loves music and arts and hates dodo.

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