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Mr. W after releasing his album ‘NUS3; which means Strength in Ewe got social media talking. His music has very catchy hooks and a message you can easily relate to. NUS3 will still remain one of the best projects out there for the “woke” crowd till someone puts out something to compare it with. We believe 2016 will be an amazing year for him and his fans.



Robby Adams

If anyone told you Robby Adams is not just a singer, but also a rapper, would you believe it? Many will know him for his singing ability and less of rapping. One of Robby Adams most successful songs is Addicted which began to catch fire at a very slow pace because people slept on the song, but now we can all testify that Addicted has gained new fans for the young chap and radio shows keep putting the record on repeat. 2016 is a about to be an amazing year for Robby as he got the chance to feature Stonebwoy on Addicted remix and hopes to put out more music this year.




Hawaya also known as the ‘Hausa rap god’ has been in the industry for some time now. He’s scored a record deal from One Nation Recordswhere Efya is also signed).He has performed at the afrobeats festival organized by BBnZ yearly. In late 2015, he was featured on ‘Kwacha’ remix by Selassie and people began to wonder why they are now discovering such an amazing talent.



Big Burn

Big Burn who started making music in his early teens has gained much experience in his art. He began gaining much recognition after he featured in the High School Honours Cypher. A versatile musician who is not afraid to experiment with any genre , Big Burn released 3 songs; ‘Bissh please’,’Papi Chulo, & ‘INDSA’ and featured on a couple songs. He’s been working on his debut project ‘The Last Son of Jacob’ since 2013 and promises his fans to finally put it out this year.



Compiled by Kevin Tucker ( @LordTucks)

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