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Odarteye is a breath of fresh air to the music scene . His earthy, natural yet soft voice croons in a way that touches your softest spot. The young singer from the Villain Studios camp released his debut single “Say You Love Me” in September this year and the tune has stuck to us fast like glue.

Bringing forth a new genre in African music and a new vibe we are excited to hear more gems from Odarteye.





King of new soul and vibes, Edwvn doubles as a producer and up coming musician. With links to music collective Nkenten and Decaf, Edwvn proves himself a true lover of music. Production credits on Sutra’s Art of Being led us to him and we haven’t looked back since. The young Ghanaian producer is definitely ahead of his time and we are looking to hearing more music from him.





spacelyAnother young cat from Villain definitely wields a vibe that is from outer space. The singer-rapper is heavily influenced by trap sounds and it’s evident in his music. With a light drawl in his voice, $pacely  has won our hearts. He is definitely heading places with Siamese ft Darko, Love on Drugs but what you really need to hear is Bad featuring RJZ. That is what will blow you away.



Serving face, looks and long legs is young Ghanaian model Tekor. Walking Glitz Africa Fashion week  Runways and being the Face of Pistis’ Nuptial Collection are among the few things Vanesa Tekor does. She’s also studying to be a lawyer and recently graduated from the University of Ghana.








Alfred Achiampong Jnr is a god with his sketches. With deep line strokes that seem to make his sketches come alive, Alfred is creating incredible art. His animations and artwork which seem to be inspired by Anime and Boondocks are eye-catching and thought provoking, providing a lens into his own mind and fantasies. Alfred is definitely one to watch our for.


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