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So Fraiche, a creative agency and lifestyle brand collaborated with Ghanaian street wear brand Renaissance on their flood campaign, to bring awareness to the epidemic in Ghana and encourage the internet generation to lead the way in taking responsibility for their well-being and the future of Africa.


Gerald (left) shooting model Julee for the Campaign and Bilson(right) on set.


Gerald moved to Accra from London, to setup So Fraiche as a media powerhouse. After adding “directing the President of Ghana” to his resume, he met Michael Bilson, a fellow creative, stylist and founder of Renaissance. A Ghanaian street wear brand bringing Africa’s street wear and fashion culture to the world.

 “It’s about a new generation who believe they can all be leaders” – Gerald Sagoe

A collaboration between two brands at the forefront of pushing a new image of Africa, the flood campaign video aims to bring awareness to the issue in Ghana as well as promote the creative culture and visionary ideology of a new generation of Africans.

We spoke with Michael Bilson on the campaign and how it will change a generation.

“One great characteristic a successful person or organization should possess is self-awareness; knowing who you are, your character, your strengths and your weaknesses.” Bilson said. The June 3rd floods was a weakness of Ghana as a nation and to our generation. Being aware of this flaw and working against it was a step closer to improvement.


Many factors may have influenced Renaissance’s interest in this campaign. Not only do they see the “Odona” flood every time there is a downpour, due to their location on the Graphic Road but they witness the destruction it causes firsthand.

Bilson almost lost a very close friend on June 3rd last year. “Terah was leaving the studio” He said, “He was just chasing his dream and he almost lost his life”.

However, to say there was a strong connection between Renaissance and the disaster would be pretentious. It is merely a decision to do what is right.To the team, the Renaissance June 3 Campaign was one of those things you do without much planning, but you do because it’s the right thing.

Having managed to create a good following on social media with their brands they used it as a tool to inspire and influence them to make better choices. This campaign is to help people evaluate themselves and reflect on how they contribute to events and occurrences.

“We decided to use our platform to educate people about this”

 – Michael Bilson

“The campaign is primarily a self-awareness campaign, to let us know that each one of us is RESPONSIBLE for whatever happens,” says Bilson, filled with much passion, “I know I definitely contributed someway to the disaster, we all did. Like Christ used his influence to change 12 people at a time, then exponentially, that’s what we wish to achieve with this campaign.”


Although the campaign has not been supported by any organization, Renaissance is grateful for the support that has poured in from fans both locally and internationally.
Bilson highlights these as the general message of the campaign to the internet generation

  • Educate yourself and others
  • Don’t litter
  • remove silt and waste from gutters/ drains and dispose them properly
  • Clean your surroundings
  • Do what’s within your power.
  • Be the change you want to see. This campaign is primarily speaking to individuals, not groups.


watch BTS from the flood campaign here

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