A Very Wavy Review

“Are you afraid of the dark?”

is how Wavy Mayor introduces himself to us. Without easing us into it, May tosses us into his vibe with a three part story of a badman, self consciousness and the blissfulness  of ignorance.

watch video for The Wave(Ayyy) here

“Looking for Me” is an undulating trippy vibe of an EP. Bare this in mind; the six track project is psychedelic not psychotic, so tread softly.

The tape gets super groovy on “Never Know Dem” with what seems to be chanting fused with an up tempo ring. That notwithstanding, some real messages are placed in there. May hints at Damian Marley and Nas, two musicians he’s taken notes from along the way.

He raps;

“They claim they’ve always loved us, but they wanna live in the moment.”

“My generation’s so full of hatred.

I don’t care about the colour of your faces.

I let my white mates call me nigga.

Call them my niggas but you’ll probably think it’s racist.”

Whether it is open mindedness or a rebellion against what may be called the norm, Wavy Mayor exposes us to his consciousness of love for humanity regardless of colour.


By means of living in Ghana and the UK, the albums sound is indigenous and exotic at the same time to whomever listening.

Pumpkin Spice makes up the peanut butter and jelly insertion of this tape. With an ode to his love, the Mayor shows us his soft side, and a bit of a thug’s love.

“And I can see the reason you love me”

Wavy dabbles, as he takes us through his finagling ways with his ‘ting’.

“You couldn’t match me on my worst day

Cooking up tracks on my birthday

Run into me and that’s your worst day”


In rap especially, almost every artist has that one song that brings out their inner beast. On Looking for Me, “Top Boy” does justice to this fact. It inhabits drops of African sounds and flashes of that grime talk.

His SoundCloud description for this tape goes a bit like this towards the end. This album that is guaranteed to have you feeling like you are vibing on the sidewalks of Venice beach.

Coming up this year at the A3C festival in Atlanta, Ghana meets UK in a whole new way. The stage is set for Wavy May and per release of his debut tape “Looking For Me”, fans, potential ones and music lovers alike are bound for an intriguing time.


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