Let's All Move to Venus! 

Lord knows I have been waiting for something to come replace Beyoncé’s 7/11 in my life as the pre girls jam song. And the music gods heard my prayer and Spoke through Kuvie… That beat monster. And he made the sweet concoction that is ewe drums, cymbals and chants, brewed in trap music and called it Afro Trap. Then the god’s elected Lady Jay and her beautiful vocal cords to go gangster on the beat and not even Sarkodie could hold her back. 

And the amazing fabulous piece of art that is Venus was born onto all us earthlings. 

Lady Jay has burst pure codeine into my ear drums. Venus was released less than a week ago and is my first listen of Lady Jay and I must say that the song is out of this world… All pun intended. I love that ewe chant in the mix, adding the Afro to the trap. I can totally see the video of this song and it’s definately a huge ass turn up in my head. 

All those rappers who started tweeting about Kuvie’s geniusness were not tripping. He’s definately on to something. The beat on this is solid gold, pure and unadulterated. For the bass to the drums, Kuvie went all out. 

I could definitely be jamming to this Afro Trap for a while. 

The only negative of this is Sarkodies flow on the beat and il n’est pas bon. In fact Sarkodie was outright bad on this for someone who is so good. 

Irrespective, Venus going up on my play list and I’m pumping this all the way to…umm…EVERYWHERE for the next few days. 
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