Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Flight has Arrived.

 I’m mad excited for the future of Ghanaian music because its taking this turn that looks like rainbows, sunflowers and hella lean at the other end of the tunnel.

J-Town released his new EP “Flights From my Soul” last week and it’s blown me away.

If you’re hooked on the new new wave (because the new wave as we know it is trap music), you’re definitely going to love this album. Think Bryson Tiller meets PARTYNXTDOOR meets Chris Brown meets your average Tema nigga speaking bare Pidgin English. It’s on a different turf; 30 thousand leagues into the future of Ghanaian music and right in step with the international vibes.

The cover art on this definitely has caught my eye (remember how cover arts are important?) and goes straight to the top of the list. I got crazy excited knowing AESJV made it. If you dont know who that is, acquaint yourself with the boy genius  here. Perhaps you may have seen these awesome pieces flying around Twitter and social media sometime ago.

I believe the release of this album is perfectly timed. With the craze of ‘trap soul’ type music and still holding on to the rap/ hip hop culture. The album absolutely gives you a breath of fresh air and makes you look absolutely forward to future of Ghanaian and West African music.

aesjv cover

Her Interlude has this whole Drake vibe which makes it my absolute favorite. Next in line is definitely Mrs Jones which features King Promise, and with Drumroll on production you know I’m bumping and grinding that jam all day, every day for the next couple of weeks till something else steals my heart… because trust me, it’s going to take a while for this to move down my most played list.

Check it:



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