A Saint's Taking Over the World


Ghouls, ghosts and goblins.

WORLDWIDE DOMINATION. This is not a drill, fellas.

Perception is key when you’re a young man trying not to lose balance.

From Houston, Texas to Accra, Ghana and currently New York, Saint Kwam is a man from three diverse cultures. Tag him as the trifecta, if you may.


WWD spills flows of a hustler’s mentality. His witty metaphors are the allegory of his life’s journey. It’s clear he’s gathered a lot of experience along this trip as he raps boldly saying;

“I used to pray to God to save me

From all the drama and the hatred

But I realized that’s the shit that made me

I’m being tested on a daily

Either it’s a lesson or a blessing

Can’t regret it if I can’t change it”

His craft incorporates the sounds and style of 90s rap and today’s world of trap reverberations.

Despite his ploy to takeover and rule the world, he remains a man of the people, not above but equal.

“Niggas in the hood holding lamas like they Dali

I’m just really trying to bring the peace like I’m Gandhi”

He shows that he’s a man who has the young ones at heart as well. The inspiration he’s drawn from the greats over the years is channeled in this song.

“I do this for the kids that don’t ever let their dream die”

is what he raps towards the end.




With simple yet detailed releases, Saint Kwam is gradually creating a fan base. The people listen closely now and are steadily studying his moves. “Sleep No More” is his first solo project and is due early next year.



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