Music evolves, but its groove stays the same. Vintage Groove playlist is a curation of songs that take a cue from the soul and groove of the tunes that paved the way. Whether it’s from bands or vocalists, the artists in this playlist are inspired by highlife bands, Fuji tunes, soul musicians l

Afro Lover is the musical expression of African love. The love language of Africans expanses from financial, emotional, physical or even nutritional. From falling in love, falling out of love or suffering heartbreak, there’s an African song for it. Being described as a favourite meal is no dif

Africa is more than Afrobeats. The diversity is African music is not surprising because of our diverse cultures. Each city is moved by various rhythms. Afroheat playlist is a selection of the hottest African songs that keep the clubs moving. From Lagos to Addis Ababa, Accra to Nairobi– this is the

African women are some of the most marginalized groups in the world. In a male-dominated industry, it’s easy to see fewer women on stages and shows. The excuse used often by booking agents and organizers is that they don’t know any women. This playlist is our response. Sister Sounds play

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