Boarding Pass – Vol 1


Edward Adjaye got a boarding pass aboard the Harmattan Rain ship and shit went down! The brand manager at BBnZ Live, an advertising and management firm Ghana @deezydothis or Young Yehowa  shares with us a fire playlist and his take on life, love and of course music.

deezy boarding pass


Who is Deezy and what exactly do you do with BBnZ?

Deezy: Haha Deezy is just a young nigga getting it… And I’m the brand manager for BBnZ Live


Getting it? What does that mean?

Deezy: I like to describe it as achieving your goals and the process of making your dreams a reality.


What are your dreams?

Deezy: leaving a legacy


So that’s probably why you have Worlasi’s Hey on the playlist. they say the music you like resonates your thoughts, whether it’s currently or in the near future. So I can deduce that you’re about the hustle, the reward, the legacy…. and love?

Deezy: Oh wow never even made that connection. I guess you’re right then.Yeah, I’m a big believer in love. Sometimes the hustle comes in the way of that, but never compromise on love.

What exactly do you do as Brand Manager and does it influence what sort of music you hear or listen to?

Deezy: I don’t have a specific job description. we all play different roles but somehow we all do everything. Generally, I’m responsible for how the brand looks and how we come off as.I listen to, look out for new talent and competition. Especially African music. To make sure we’re always making the waves instead of riding it.


So who’s your competition at BBnZ… for EL, Shaker and Qwesi Oteng … (forgive me if I’ve missed anyone else)

Deezy: E.L, Shaker, Ko-Jo Cue and DJ Juls and their main competition is themselves.


How would you describe the playlist?

Deezy: Africans making good music outside of Afrobeats. Take a song like Heaven by Treasure. That’s me. Getting it. The endless desire of happiness. That song stands out the most on that playlist because I relate to it a lot. Also fun fact: that’s my cousin.

And the E.L and Raquel song is so ahead of its time and it was heavily slept on, in my opinion. I still regret not giving it the proper attention it deserved. That could’ve been on charts worldwide.

That’s a huge pop hit if we sold it to a bigger star. We released that 2 years ago and it can fit right in with anything in radio right now.

I ride for art I relate to. I’m just lucky it’s being made by my niggas



Find out more about BBnZ here.


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