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When it comes down to giving first hand information about Accra, the first name on most peoples lips is Accra We Dey. From a blog about the best places to hang with friends, to the go-to platform sharing the stories of the people of Accra in never told before ways, Joey Chase is helping to shape up our city the best way he knows how; with social media and technology. In between running the Accra We Dey Podcast and running Accra, Joey Chase made us a playlist of the songs that have moved the city.

What does Joey Chase do?

He’s a sakawa boy anonymous

What’s the story behind Accra We Dey?

Originally it’s a quote “Accra We Dey, everybody for chop” which actually means; don’t be greedy, put your brother on or be your brother’s keeper. But at the same time I got tired of people asking what’s happening in Accra, directions to the banging spots. I had a little blog to share stories of my friends and I having fun and just doing random shit in Accra. So I decided to get a team throw it all out there and hopefully it will contribute to making a mayor of Accra in like the next 12 years.

Have you ever thought of Expanding Accra We Dey initiative?

AccraWeDey is NOT an initiative, it’s a voice/platform for the new Accra. We already have the podcast, we have documentaries about various places in Accra which we haven’t released yet, we have a line of comic books coming up, a magazine, merchandise store and a bunch of other things. Everything right now is about the right timing.

Would you say the Accra We Dey movement is unique? Is there any brand you look up to? Or would you want to work with or collaborate with any brand?

The movement is organic that’s the only way I can describe it. As far as collaborations go we are open to collaborations with people, our aims just have to be in sync that’s all. We look up to the average Accra person, their imagination and experiences.

How difficult was it/has it been to push your brand forward? Any birthing pains you would love to share?

I am tempted to say support but I believe if you provide great value, you get what you want. Copy cats kill innovation, so my answer is definitely copy cats.

You’re very much into business and technology, what are your 3 favourite companies in and outside Ghana? What interests you about them?

Amazon, Alphabet, The Atom Factory outside Ghana and The Multi Media Group, GN Group and Despite Group of Companies in Ghana. I like them basically they represent value and the people.

What does Accra represent for you?


If you had 2000 Ghana Cedis to spend in a day what would you use it on?

I will buy some Hennessy and Cigars

Check out the Accra We Dey podcast 


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