Seven Instagram Accounts you Should Follow

Art has not been lost in the wake of technology. If anything at all it has helped make it more exciting. If you’re like us and you can’t stand to see another girl pull a duck face on a too filtered selfie, or bear to see some guy do a ‘gangsta pose’ by a car which isn’t even his, this piece is for you.
We compiled a list of seven digital and fashion illustrators from Ghana you should totally follow on Instagram. We promise, it’s worth every megabyte of data.

  1. Papa Oppong


With co-signs from Rihanna, Kelly Rowland Et Al, Oppong’s digital illustrations and  his dreams of becoming a globally renowned fashion designer are becoming more realistic.With CNN highlighting him in an interview a couple of years ago and  being labelled by Forbes as one of the 15 Young African Creatives Rebranding Africa, Papa Oppong is slowly cutting out a niche for himself. Showcasing in the Smithsonian has lifted his weight in the game… and I mean he’s technically Rihanna’s bestie. His new project; Kakai shows how well this kid blends his culture, influences and fashion together perfectly. You can buy some of his immortalized art as phone cases here.





2. Akolabone

Translation: “BAD CHILD.”

You might wonder why a brand will have this moniker as its go to household name. I bet at the sound of it, trouble has been spelt in your mind already.And they are trouble!

Akolabone have risen to become one of Ghana’s top digital artists. The good people of Akolabone have begun production of their own clothing line and T-shirt brand. In my opinion, Akolabone thrives on being provocative. The #BEEPIC movement they started a couple of years ago has gone a long way to challenge the minds on people across Ghana. It’s a bold confrontation to do more and be more of oneself.

It is said, that there’s always an exception to every rule. In this case, we gladly exercise that franchise.










3.  Hanson Akatti


Hanson is a Ghanaian digital artist, graphic designer, and illustrator who combines his passions for music, graffiti, film, hip hop culture, and comic books, to fuel his creativity. Over the years he has worked with Ghana’s finest. Among these are top guns such as E.L, F.O.K.N Boys and quite recently, Efya. He has done this by gracing their album covers with distinct gusto and finesse. Man’s basically your favourite musician’s favourite artist.
Oh and his February series….oh man!






4.  Creo

img_2263Noun (slang) for creationist

Related Terms: To bring forth, produce, make, create, beget, give origin to, sprung from, born of, et al.

The list is undeniably endless. Creo Concepts creates concepts. Whew! A lot of alliteration going on there but hey, that’s what their marque tells us. Creo Concepts is a creative and branding agency with a little bit of awesome sauce. Creo Concepts has a menu that ranges from GHANABA to “GHANA MUST GO” to Hogan Toons to VOODOO to #APUU and to Origins of Okomfo Anokye that’s made them an Instagram favourite. “We Live to Create” is their motto and they keep making us believe that.



5. Annertey


He labels himself as the “BIG experimental being.” In your mind, he walks with the avant-garde of society. Think multi-coloured socks and above-the-ankle pants when he crosses your mind. The mock-up ad campaign he worked on for Timberland is an example of his greatness. Annertey’s desire to try out new things has seen him cross “no man’s” land unscathed. He’s an avid traveler and adventurer in addition to being an excellent creator.







6. Ribi


Ribi marvels as another fashion illustrator who does digital fashion illustrations in bright and attractive colours. Her illustrations of top clothing lines like Moschino and Marc Jacobs have gotten her a few thumbs up from the designers mentioned. She recently showcased some of her pieces at the Style Lounge of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Accra.






7. Awo Tsegah


The delightful witty pieces Awo Tsegah creates should be hang up in museums of modern art. Not only are her pieces fun to look at but they are usually based off puns and her captions are fantastic. She describes her art as contemporary art with African inspiration and we couldn’t agree more. You can purchase some of her art pieces as Phone cases here



There you have it. Seven Instagram accounts to  totally click the follow button on. Oh and follow our Instagram here


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