Beat Tapes 

Honestly, its starting to look like a lot of people are appreciating music more for the beat than the words In the song. This is reflecting in the appreciation for producers. 

This post is therefore dedicated to my two favourite beat tapes at the moment, straight outta Ghana. 

1. D’An Musa and Uche B “The Juice” 


The Juice is really THE JUICE. You know the juice your girl said you aint got… This is it. Straight fire with samples from  Mozart,Beyoncé and Kanye West you will not be disappointed. 

Check it on Sound loud here: 

2.  Mr. Beats Official “Fonky Vibezzz” 


This is like a perfect blend of hip hop and funk tossed in drizzle of Afro punk. I love the Vibes this beat tape gives off. Its definately all isortsof funky. 

Get Fonky Vibezzz the full beat tape on Soundclound here :

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