7 Places to be this Summer if you love music

A music lover’s guide to a super lit summer

It’s Rainy Season AKA Vacation period AKA Summer in Ghana, and for music lovers this is the best time to enjoy the dopest new tunes popping up and celebrate youthfulexperiences and what not. We put together a list of events and places with dope music for you to kick back and enjoy to.

1. Carbon’s  alt

Carbon Night Club’s ALT night highlight’s house music. Every Saturday you get to experience cool new tunes by Accra’s littest house music gurus in this cool space at Accra’s prestige Stanbic Heights. Put together by Jam Jar events.



2. Bloom bar

The outdoor bar bludgeoned into the Accra nightlife scene this year. Their DJ iPhone DJ spins the hottest new tracks popular in Accra and outside Accra for jamming sake. Try a fishbowl and enjoy a dope night out.


3. Harmattan Rain’s take over

(Of course we had to plug ourselves lol)

Harmattan Rain’s monthly takeover events go through various locations in Accra to deliver top shelf music from around the world through DJs featured on our House Rules mixes. If you enjoy chill kickbacks and settings, Takeover is definitely for you.


4. Tidal rave

Accra’s biggest beach rave has not only been peek grounds for killing yourself with enjoyment annually, but it has also established itself as one of  the best stages for music lovers to enjoy live performances by their favourite musicians. Tidal Rave‘s list of awesome DJs always keep the party going from noon till night, spinning the best tunes. This years promises to be an even bigger affair with it being the 7th year. Join in on some beachy breezy action  with games, food and drinks and loads of music at this year’s Tidal Rave. It’s lucky number 7 so you’re bound to find your -est; your bestEST, your wildEST you littEST, your dopEST… you get the drift.

5. Medici Sunsets

Three sets of rooftop events held in Accra this summer by the Medici Family. The first for 2018 happened in June, but be on the look out for the next two. Rooftop vibes and sunsets complete with the best new turnup sounds for your enjoyment.



6. Chalewote

For the lovers of the alternative music scene, to the mainstream music lovers, Chalewote Street Arts festival offers an array of new music for your aural pleasure. From the various sets on the mainstage over the 4 day climax of the week long festival to different stages littered around . Various stages set over the coastal area of Jamestown offer an array of genres for the music lover. Catch this years festival from the 20th to the 26th of August, at Jamestown.



No lie! If you want the soudn of Accra, hit the streets! Spend time in local pubs and bars. Listen to the stories, see the dances and create stories! Enjoy!

Image result for accra at night pub


Keep an eye on the calendar on the right hand of our web page for more events this summer.

(We know ‘rainy season’ is appropriate term for our region but come on… it sounds dreary af!)


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  • Jane Frances

    This list is lit, Alt Carbon is definitely worth experiencing. Will be checking out the medici sunsets and of course Chalewote (always lit af).

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