7 Instagram lifestyle accounts you're gonna wish you were following.

Do you ever get the desire to pack up your Ghana Must Go and just go without looking back? If you answer is no, these folks would definitely give you the travel bug and more.

From travels around the world to unexpected conversations with total strangers, they’ve probably done it all or at least their Instagram tells a story of a flourishing life.


Asiyami Gold

From the name you can figure it out. The life of Asiyami is indeed gold or rather goals. Her pull to places that have visual stories make her body of work captivating.



Yagazieemezi x Azemezi

Ever wondered what a Nigerian x Malaysian mixed bae would look like? The Emezi sisters are just it.

Yagazie is a documentary photographer who beautifully captures glimpses of her everyday experiences in Nigeria.


Azemezi the storyteller. Commander of words. We wouldn’t fault you for getting lost in her carefully curated collection of stories.



Velma Rossa

The one and only Lady Rossa of the duo 2manysibilings. From her signature braids to her contribution to the Kenyan fashion scene, Velma is one that inspires authenticity and being just you no matter how quirky.







“Attorneys are plain dressed people who just wear black and white.” Well, we object!  From traveling when off work as an attorney, to writing for Travel Noire, Cynthia’s Instagram is a grid of bright swatches of color. Oh and her style is definitely eye candy.




Sarah Waiswa likes to call herself the afrohemian nomad. Think of her as an ambassador of the city you’ve been dreaming about. Her behind-the-scenes moments that are captured through photos and captions would feed your mind and soul.

Afro Child
A list wouldn’t be A-List without a Ghanaian on it. Chelsea Boatey is proof that you can be on a budget and still be fabulous. Her sometimes quirky styles and sheer fun photos gives off the calm and happy vibe. Need someone to rock your boat? She comes highly recommended.




With gems being dug up every second on Instagram, it was so difficult narrowing this list down. For our Beaus don’t get mad just yet. Be sure to subscribe to get all the ‘gram juice.

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