6 Squad summer Must dos from Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj 

Summer is looking like a hungry bundle of joy approaching From the horizon. And if you’re like me who isn’t done with finals I’m sure you can’t wait for it to be over so you can kick it back and have fun in the sun. Here are a few fun ideas The Queen Bee and Nicki poured out onto our souls with the Feeling Myself video that dropped yesterday on tidal. If you managed to ignore all the wounds from the slayage and have recovered from the video, There are a few still shots that may cause you to start bleeding again. But it’s alright dolls, we will be alright.


PS. Seriously though, Beyoncé needs to be stopped. She can’t keep on destroying us this way. The universe cannot handle it any longer

1. Pool queens: yes! Of course all best friends have to hit the pool. Nothing like a good mix of sun, water and mer-looking people. Yes to all the waterproof makeup we can harness!!!! Yes to quirky but cool swimsuits. Perhaps we might even throw in some cute inflatable water pools in our backyard for summer shinanigans. Water guns for extra cutenosity is a plus too!  Roll it in Bestie!


2. matching outfits: perhaps it may seem to kindergarten-ish but come on!  It’s so cute! And you don’t necessarily have to match exactly, you could just do it subliminally. Same colours, same footwear, same swag. The swag is necessary. Unlock the swag! Nothing like your girl and you rocking the same level of confidence. Probably best that you release all this awesomeness at a party or something of the sorts. Because on a normal day, no one will understand this kind of slayage. They will be wounded by it.


3. Road trip!: it’s necessary once in every girls life that she and her best friend (or friends) embark on a life changing trip that strengthens the eternal bond of friendship and soul- Matism. No, I am not playing. Case point study : Thelma and Louis, the sisterhood of travelling pants, all those Mary Kate and Ashley travel gigs. Like yooooo…. A road trip is necessary. Let loose, grab some food and gas money and an endless playlist of your favourite music and hit the road. I’ll probably put up great places to visit in Ghana soon so you can choose your pick of the litter.


3. Go to a concert: The loud music, the buzz, the many hyped people! Concerts are a great way to not only have fun but meet new people who enjoy the same things as you. And be silly and cray cray without any one judging you. This all depends on the type of concert anyway. You can’t be going for a jazz or orchestra concert feeling like Miley Cyrus. It works best when you and your friend like the same music and genre of music. If you’re in Ghana you’re probably ruling this out. But hol’ on! EL’s bar concert is coming up this summer for you Hiphop lovers so we could get around on that!


4. Foodies: is there a great time that doesn’t include food? Fuel is a necessity and good food is an even greater necessity. Sharing good food with your best friend is a blessing. Ditch the boyfriend for a day and share a meal with your true soul mate.  It doesn’t have to be too fancy or too low budget either. It could be just what you want. Here’s an idea: Take a day off and order some pizza or KFC, drive off to Pokuase and park right on the ledge the overlooks Accra. Enjoy an assorted junk meal with the love of your life as you watch the sunset over our city. It’s even more fun watching ECG do the dirty and identifying the affected boroughs. It’s fun trust! And so many juicy secrets and things to spill.


5. Take Photos: what better way to save all your fun times than to take many fun quirky videos and photos. Save the moments and create the moments and take them. Snap stories, Twitter videos, vines… Whatever. Just snap it up. A fun idea would be be to vine something fun, funny or cool with your bestie. Or you could just dubsmash it you know….. A high quality camera will of course give you the best result and don’t forget to save all of them. You’ll be showing your kids how cool you and Aunt Blah blah used to kick it back in the day.


6. Enjoy life: above all enjoy your lives with each other. Appreciate that you have a friend silly enough to want to do all these with you and take your ranting and raving while you’re at it. Cod admit it, one of you is a huge pain most of the time.don’t be too focused on making squad goals to forget that the actual point of this is to grow each other and build yourselves. All this mushiness killing a vibe I’ve worked so hard to build gaddamnit!

*wipes tears*

*flips hair*

I’m feeling myself


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