15 IN 1 : A review

I stumbled into adolescence listening to these guys from Skillions. Lil Shaker, Bra Kevin Beats and the rest of the squad pretty much had our lives lit up with songs like Nike or Adidas, School, house boy and Riddle Riddle… So when Kevin beats finally announced that he was going to release “15 in 1” (which he has teased us about all through our teenage years) trust that the excitement, at least mine, was at a high peak.

So, imagine my disappointment when I heard “15 in 1”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but it’s not very good either.


First off, the album art…. How many times do I have to tell you guys album art is important??? The album art for 15 in 1 has a picture of Kevin Beats in a baby blue jacket, a duffel bag in hand, standing in front of  the Kotoka International Airport. There’s a time stamp of 15: 01 slashed over it and Kevin Beats scribbled under that. Unimpressive.

Maybe there’s a deeper meaning, you know, like how he has come back home. Perhaps the reason for the Osibisa sample of Welcome Home on Track One with Vanessa Gyan, the legendary Kiki Gyan’s daughter. That is one of my favorites solely because of the vocals and the sample.

Off the 17 track Album, there are quite a few that we love. That’s another problem. For a comeback mix tape, 17 tracks are just too long! Kevin, serve us with the best and keep us wanting more!


Get Down with Ansah Live and Xorse is up in our starred tracks off this mix tape. It’s definitely a good song. Ansah Live is quickly becoming a favorite.

Recycling  with Hama is Crazy! The beat is intense! That Hama boy is definitely someone to look out for. After Bodam, he’s caught my attention and I hope he delivers.

Day One Love with Steve BiQo and Jayso is definitely a favorite. BiQo’s voice blending with Kevin and Jayso’s raps about his first love is heartwarming.

Walk my way in which Kevin Produces and raps and sings over, is a favorite. Kevin Beats is definitely a pretty good producer hands down.

Finally, our favorite, and the favorite of most according to Kevin’s Soundcloud, with 1K plus plays, is Farm Life with Okuntakinte. The song talks about the struggle to be successful and Okunta’s voice builds over the beat in a beautiful way.


Out of 17 songs, five are our favorites. And four out of five of those have features. I feel like the features are what actually made the songs our favorites. Another problem I have with 15 in 1 is Kevin doesn’t seem to have matured in his music. He still sounds like he’s rapping in 2012. Or maybe it’s because he’s recycled music from those times. I say that because, F…CK with Kidi was recorded some four or five years ago. That’s a long time ago. You can even tell from that song how Kidi’s voice has grown to become more beautiful over the years. So what if most of these songs are from that era? I’ve got to give your man the benefit of the doubt still, you had to let some … no, a LOT go, Bra Kevin.

Perhaps Kevin is clinging on to some past glory and trying to ride on the ripple of what used to be a wave, but 15 in 1 gets rated  5 out of 10.

But why don’t you listen to the mix tape and let us know what you think in the comments :

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