Harmattan Rain is always looking for artists to share their work with us.

You can email us at:

submissions at harmattanrain dot com


We love music (Duh) so we want to hear your stuff! If we do love it, you can make it to any of our playlists on soundcloud or Apple Music. We also send selections to our network of DJs. 

However here’s a pro tip : Give us something exciting to write about with regards to your music. Does it have a history? Is there a backstory behind the lyrics? Is there a meaning in the album art? Did the producer almost die? … lol jk.. but no… really. Dig into the art and story surrounding your music. 

Kindly send your music submissions with subject line 


Please send streaming links ONLY (soundcloud or iTunes). Include your name, song/project title, features if any, producer name. Include your social media handles as well. Attach a press kit or EPK if you have any.




Help us tell the millennial African story. Tell us in your words and in your eyes. Show us with your photos, in your writing, with your art. Help us share the  neo-African story. 

Kindly send your article pitches with subject line [ARTICLE PITCH + TITLE +YOUR NAME].

Please introduce your story idea and include links to past writing or multimedia work. Explain why your idea is timely, unique, important, and/or of interest to the Harmattan Rain reader.

Organic is a 3/4 track EP of organically created beats. Organic is a part of the producer unscathed, unfiltered and no restriction on what would be a hit or not. This is a full display of the producers prowess. Organic is a selection of new music exclusively for Harmattan Rain but solely owned by the Producer. Check out previous Organic here.

Kindly send your Organic pitch with subject line 


Send your profile, and links of music you have produced.

House Rules a mix of music for music lovers. There is no restriction on length or genre. House Rules simply runs on the idea of “what would you play if you had no crowd to please”. It is an escape for the DJ. Check out previous House Rules here.

Kindly send your pitch  for House Rules submissions with subject line 


Send your profile, and links of mixes you have done if any.