Harmattan Rain is always looking for artists to submit their work with us. 

Submissions are done via pitches. You can email your pitches to

submissions at harmattanrain dot com

Here are some basic tips on pitching editors.

Article pitch

Kindly send your pitches with subject line [ARTICLE PITCH + TITLE +YOUR NAME]. 

Please introduce your story idea and include links to past writing or multimedia work. Explain why your idea is timely, unique, important, and/or of interest to the Harmattan Rain reader


Music Submissions

Kindly send your music submissions with subject line [MUSIC SUBMISSION + YOUR NAME]. 

Please send streaming links ONLY for music (soundcloud or iTunes). Include your name, song/project title, features if any, producer name. Include your social media handles as well. Attach a press kit or EPK if you have any. 


producer pitch for organic

Kindly send your organic submissions with subject line [ORGANIC SUBMISSION + YOUR NAME]. 

Send your profile, links of music you have produced. 


dj pitch for house rules 

Kindly send your house rules submissions with subject line [HOUSE RULES SUBMISSION + YOUR NAME]. 

Send your profile, and links of mixes you have done if any.